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  • Improve fleet safety
  • Improve fleet efficiency and productivity
  • Ensure fleet compliances
  • Ensure driver and staff performance
  • Ensure the quality of the delivery and assets

DIMO Fleet Genie enables tracking, monitoring, and managing of the company vehicle fleet at your fingertips. DIMO DIMO Fleet Genie is a GPS based IoT fleet management solution that enables you to view the entire fleet performance in a single dashboard. Also, this service may enable lots of other services such as fuel monitoring, door sensors, temperature sensors & DVR apart from GPS tracking & monitoring

  • Tracking & monitoring - locate your vehicle and provide the shortest distance and lowest traffic conditions
  • Vehicle fuel level monitoring - monitor fuel levels and fuel efficiency of your fleet
  • Asset Tracking - track the vehicle door opening & closing times when moving your valuable goods and ensure the safety of the goods
  • Asset Monitoring - monitor the temperature of the load body when transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Deliver your goods at the right temperature
  • DVR (Digital Video Recording) - remotely monitor the vehicles. Cabin, load body with live & backup footages
DIMO Fleet Genie comes with

Different Industries

DIMO Fleet Genie is ready to provide a wide range of GPS solutions to suit any of the following demands and the list is expanding day by day. Apart from the below list, we would be able to provide a bespoke GPS solution for any of your specific geolocation and monitoring demands

Employee tracking

Manage your staff & their productivity

Heavy machinery tracking

Manage heavy machinery operations

Harvester machinery tracking

Manage harvester machine operations

Vehicle & asset tracking

Manage your fleet and assets

Generator tracking

Manage the generator running

Marine tracking

Manage the operations of any water vehicle

GPS tracking for law enforcement

For patrol vehicles and ambulances

Pet tracking

Wearable animal tracking solutions

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