Maximize your Retail Shelf Space

Whilst manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers compete for precious shelf space, why not go DIGITAL and stay ahead of the game with the Virtual Retail Kiosk by DIMO digital.

DIMO digital - Virtual Retail Kiosk will enable you to:

  • Display products in an interactive audio-visual experience
  • Display product prices & special in-store offers
  • Receive product orders and payments online
  • Get customer delivery details
  • Instant messages on product purchases and delivery details
  • Manage your inventory and income from the web
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Works as a mobile POS system on touch-enabled devices

Virtual Retail Kiosk by DIMO Digital can help you to achieve ZERO in-store inventory cost while displaying your ENTIRE product portfolio in-store 24/7.

Additional benefits when you partner with DIMO digital:

  • Delivery of your products can be arranged to your customer base through PML


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